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My thoughts on various TV shows


Just like the movie version this is just my thoughts on some of the things I have watched from the TV side of things. To keep this fresh this is only taking in account what I seen since 12/7/10. Their are also some shows not listed that will get their own posts.

Transformers Prime s1e1-5 (or season zero) “Darkness Rising (Parts 1-5)”
This is a very good show and hope to keep up with it. I think it is good they are trying to condense the various versions of Transformers into one standard continuity. The show pulls no punches when it comes to the fight scenes. You can see the echos from the past media incarnations in the show especially the recent movie and animated series. The throwbacks to the old generation one stuff like lines ripped directly from the original movie was especially awesome. Keeping this vague as possible some small moments I enjoyed were Afterburner to the face, zombie robots and the brutality of the fight scenes.

The Closer s6e11 “Old Money”
I liked the opening as it was just balls to the wall crazy. The mind games Brenda played with the suspects were fun to watch. The whole shakeup of the department subplot after last episode’s cliffhanger is moving along nicely. My only nitpicks are not anything to do with the show in particular just at the way TV works. First thing is the silly thing of showing 10 episodes straight though then going on a long hiatus. Then coming back to show 2 or 3 episodes followed back a half a year break. Seriously did not even know their was a new episode on until later the next day. The second thing is recently with this genre of TV the bad cop or attack on a cop storyline seems to occur a lot.

Little People Big World s6e19&20 “Twins at Twenty” & “Moving Out”
The last two episodes of the series was a bit of a letdown. The story arc of these two episodes appear to be about changes but at the end of the show everything stayed the same.
Being based in real life I guess that was inevitable though.
The only real change was ending of the show. Which sad to say may be a good thing as the family looks to be going though a rough time. Hopefully everything works out for them in the end.

Mythbusters s8e22 “President’s Challenge”
Fun episode but the Ancient Death Ray 3.0 myth seemed unnecessary and an excuse to get the President involved. The promoting of science and math among young people is a good cause but wished they did something else to promote it. I guess I have to see it in action but did not get how a netted barrier was helping aim their mirrors. Probably feel stupid when I finally understand the concept. The car flip Myth was just crazy fun but man they went though a ton of cars. They probably get a discount at the junkyard.


Some recent movies I have watched 2


Again this is just my thoughts on the movies not a review. if you are interested here is a link to the first movie post.

Crisis on Two Earths (2010)
This was a fun movie with great fight scenes. I like the twisted version of the Marvel Family. I wouldn’t mind seeing more of Lex’s Justice League from this earth. The only thing that threw me out of the movie was the actions Batman took toward the end.

Million Dollar Baby (2004)
I like seeing her knock the other fighters out. The sad thing is I have met families like hers during my life and am glad that mine is not that screwed up. I thought it was a female Rocky type story when I first saw it. So the last act of the movie hit me like a ton of bricks. The round table discussion with James Lipton and the main cast was very enjoyable to watch.

Dragon Ball Z Side Story: Plan to Destroy the Saiya-jin (2010)
Standard DBZ plot condensed down into a 30 min OVA. I am guessing it takes place sometime before the Cell Saga because of the power levels and characters involved. Not a bad movie but felt rushed compared to the pacing of storylines from the main TV shows or the other movies/specials. The villain of the piece looked like some crazy executioner.  Sorry no link but I am sure if you do a more thorough search than I did you can find info on it.

Easy A (2010)
Very entertaining and is something I foresee myself watching again at a later date. I will keep this as vague as possible seeing how new this thing is. I know the chances of anyone reading this is slim to none but don’t want to be the spoiler for even the spam bots. Anyway I don’t think I could have taking the bullets this girl did. High School was enough of a minefield with out the extra crap the main character adds to it with her actions.

The bad things about having a good memory is


You freak people out
I have to decide if  I want to play dumb or not depending on the situation at hand. At work it doesn’t matter because I am not going to waste time playing dumb if it gets the job done sooner and my ass out of their on time.

You have deal with people always saying events didn’t happen

This is the most annoying out of the list. having to listen to a person with self proclaimed bad memory wanting to demiss past events because they don’t recall them or are to ashamed to admit that the event happen. If the person is not combative about the subject  I  start ticking off a timeline of events trying to jog their memory or we agree it’s a moot point and move on.

Example: Was talking to a chick in High School as we were waiting for the bus. The whole time she is bad talking a “friend” of hers. Trying to get on the girl good side I am just nodding and agreeing with the topic at hand. The next day was trying to start a convo again when I bring up the topic of the previous day she has no clue what I am talking about. She gets pissed I am left confused and annoyed.

You get phone calls asking where I remember seeing such and such object.

This not that annoying because of how rare it happens nowadays.

Example: While at home watching Tv a previous employer/family friend calls me and asks me do I know where a particular part is. I proceed to tell him in great detail how it is on the left side of the green van, on the top shelf under the old ice maker. to say the least he was shocked.