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Podcasts I am currently listening to


These are the current podcasts I listen to on a week to week bases or try to. I am not listing the  ones I only listen to when a subject peaks my interest or dead podcasts. These are the links to their home pages and all of them can be found on Itunes.  I am always discovering new podcasts so new stuff probably be added in the future.

Comic podcasts:
Views From the Longbox
Back to the Bins
Amazing Spider-man Classics
Clone Saga Chronicles
Teenage Wasteland: An Ultimate Spider-man Podcast
Batgirl to Oracle: A Barbara Gordan Podcast
Tales of The JSA
Death and the Acid Smell of Gunsmoke: The Jonah Hex Podcast
The Geoff Johns Podcast
Superman In the Bronze Age
From Crisis to Crisis: A Superman Podcast

TTF: Comic Monthly Mondays

Better in the Dark

Film in Focus

Survivor Fans Podcast
The Tribe
Rob Cesternino Podcast

Podcasting Hubs:
Two True Freaks Podcast Network


Some recent movies I have watched


These are not reviews just my thoughts about these movies.

Flipped (2010)

Nice little kid movie it has a predictable story but the way the story is told is enjoyable.
The movie bounces between the two main characters perspective. So instead of following one path to the ending you get two unique trips.

Brewster’s Millions (1985)

A classic Richard Pryor movie from his heyday. Always liked the story behind the movie and the question of what you would had done with the chance.  If it took place today I think the tricks he pulled to succeed in the mission might have to change.

Cooper’s Christmas (aka Cooper’s Camera) (2008)

Seen though the eyes of the family’s video camera during a Christmas day in 1985. You feel bad for the people in some parts and laughing at them in others. I liked the movie but it not something I will purchase for the collection. Would watch again if it happens to be on at a friends house just to see the reaction from them about some of the crazier spots in the movie.

Superman 4 w/ commentary (1987)

The commentary by the co-writer was an entertaining listen in how studios make decisions that can turn a great movie (on paper anyway) into the wreck that released. I was a kid when I last seen this and at the time never realized how many plot holes were in it. The biggest reaction from me was seeing Nuclear Man flying though space with Lacey in his arms. I Just yelled at the screen saying  she should be dead.

The Walking Dead thoughts


The show is going along at a slow pace but it seems Rick’s character growth is going at a fast pace. Truthfully it could have been the same way in the early books. I don’t remember him being a cold hearted speech giver in the early days.

The slower pace is leading me to believe that they won’t make to the prison by the end of the sixth episode or if they do a large chunk of the early comics are going to cut out.

The zombies using bricks as tools and climbing ladders is a totally new breed of zombie than the books.  The new characters are okay but it is hard for me to get attached when they seem to be cannon fodder.

None of the above nitpicks bother my enjoyment of the show it just going to take me a little while to break the two apart in my mind.

Crazy story from my youth.


When I was around 12 or 13 I plotted to steal a action figure with help from another kid.
We threw the figure in a bush to come back and get it later. After my partner in crime left I felt guilty so I took the figure and placed it in the owner’s mailbox. Well later that day I went back to the owner’s house and he said “I just found one of my toys in the mailbox did one of you guys put it there”. Me in a mental lapse says “cool man I guess can keep the one we threw in the bushes since you got two of them”. He said “I don’t have two of them what are you talking about”? While the owner and his brother waited I ran to the bush. Felt like a dumb ass when I came back empty handed.