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The nature of my dreams


I thought I would share some of the adventures I have had in my dreams.
First I am going to describe some of the creatures and rules for my dream world then tell a few of my most memorable stories from my dreams.

Citizens of the Dream scape

Mimics: they are analogs of people I know right down to personality and looks. These guys tend to appear when the dream is a more personal level.

Altered Mimics: They are analogs of people I know but act in a much more extreme way than there real world counterparts. The male versions are violence while the females are more sexual

Shape shifters: They are like Mimics but during the course of the dream they shift between different personalities. Fun facts these people are female never seen a male shape shifter.

Extras: Random people act much like background characters in any other type of fiction. can appear as  zombies.

Rules of my dreams

If you are being chased don’t stop running for anything.

If you are in a fight the only way to keep an opponent down is to remove the head. (never fought a female so don’t know if it is different for them)

Weapons are useless it is best to fight with your bare fist.

My role in my dreams are usually as myself or an actor in a story.

Some of my more interesting dreams

The Middle Child:
My older self transferred into the body of my younger self in a world where my parents had another child that was born sometime in late 1980. During my time there I tried to quiz her on what was going on but before she could answer any serious questions I was gone. One thing I could tell from my time there was my family was well off and had a closer relationship with the extended family.

Jumping Though the Mutliverse:
While at a friends house asleep on the couch I stayed in the same place but every time I woke up I was in a different version of my friend’s living room. Some where there was an upgrade or downgrade of electronics. Even one where he did not live in the house but other people did. At the end of the dream as I was trying to get back home I stuck behind a glass wall where i could see the real world but could not get to it. Behind me darkness slowly crept in trying to swallow me.

The Future?:
I jumped ahead some where passed the year 2012 and ended up in a friend’s house but he did not live there and the current resident was explaining to me how he died in late 2012. I figured It was pretty far off as the country surrounding were build up with apt complexes and other building.

This is getting pretty long but in a later post I will add some of the more of the standard dreams.


Scream 4


If for some reason you did not read the other post I warn again this spoiler filled. Now on with the show and hope you enjoy.

First thing is the hype machine for this movie portrayed this as a passing of the torch movie. Pushing the old cast out for new blood and the start of a new trilogy. Now they might make a new set of movies but I don’t know where it could go. This is one of the first times I am glad I was lied to about a movie. The reason why going in I was expecting one thing and instead as the movie drawn to a close got something different which was a nice surprise. Now all of the above is going off early press and the first few trailers so I could be wrong about not reveling their hand.

The false openings were a great way to introduce back story of the Stab movies into the story. Though dialog it was reveled that Stab 5 was a time travel story. I don’t know about anyone else but I wouldn’t mine seeing that. It probably would be bad but the horror/time travel smash up is not something you see to often. Anyway maybe obsessing over details to much but what were Stab 3 & 4 about. I am assuming 3 was about the events of Scream 3. Now Stab 4 may have been the script they were trying to film in that movie. Details in the background like this that makes me like some movies and careless about others. Well on to other things.

The commentary on the state of horror and movies in general is some of the same stuff I have been hearing for a while now. No matter what you want to call those types of movies I can’t watch them. I am just to much of a visual and empathic person when it comes to movies.  Basically it screws my head up for a number of hours. I don’t mind remakes/reboots as some movies can be improved by updates in special effects. The problem is when the story is to close to the original or  when it skewed to far from it. It seems hard to get a nice balance.

The way the kids seem to make a holiday about the anniversary of the original killings seems creepy to me. The red herrings of Judy, Gale, Trevor and even to some extent Sidney being the killer was  a nice ploy by the writer. As the body count rose I was not sure who the killer(s) were but was still trying to guess until the end. I liked the Kirby character I think it had to do with the attitude. How the cops got killed was a funny scene and reminded me of some of the cheesy things out of other horror movies.

The end of the film with the reveal of Jill as one of the killers threw me for a loop. As I stated above I assumed from press beforehand that Emma Roberts was going be taking Neve Campell spot in a new series of movies. Strange thing is that is what Jill wanted to do. I think in some twisted way had Sindey not survived the story of future movies would have been interesting indeed.

In the end old school kicks new school’s ass.

Here is another place you can see some more thoughts on Scream 4 and you might enjoy it better because he is a better writer than me. There are also other good posts about movies.

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